Considering a virtual private practice?

A VMORE virtual practice delivers industry leading, centralised services and solutions enabling you to start quickly and flexibly across multiple locations.




Since 2007, the team at VMORE Health have supported hundreds of specialists in private practice. We understand that your leap into private practice can be daunting and can be a costly undertaking.  A traditional practice start up has a long lead time and outgoings need to be planned for and well considered.  The VMORE Virtual Practice model allows for low cost entry into private practice - with start up costs up to 90% less than establishing traditional practice. 

Director, Deana Scott, founded VMO (now VMORE), Australia's first outsourced full-service, virtualised solution 10 years ago.  The model is now widely accepted as 'business as usual'.  Practice Management Software has also evolved, however, this represents one layer of your practice. You also need skilled, knowledgeable staff, solid systems and processes to ensure your practice delivers care which is competent, compliant and supports growth.

Starting out in practice under the guidance of VMORE will not only provide you with initial cost savings, but you will have access to some of the latest in innovative technologies.

VMORE is the industry leading virtual practice solution provider and are committed to supporting providers in the provision of high quality care.