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A practice that leverages off a remote team with centralised communication enables you to practice efficiently and flexibly across multiple locations.

VMORE not only provides you with initial cost savings, you will have access to some of the latest in innovative technologies, skilled, knowledgeable staff and solid systems and processes to ensure your practice delivers care which is competent, compliant and supports growth.

Establishing your IT infrastructure to a full premises selection and fit-out. We support our clients to identify what is critical to your practice success.

VMORE understands intimately the infrastructure, nuances and project management requirements to ensure a successful practice start-up.  Each practitioner will have a different focus and individual goals, therefore VMORE seeks to design a virtual practice according to provider’s needs. 

The team at VMORE have supported hundreds of specialists in private practice for over two decades. We understand your move into private practice can be a daunting and a potentially costly undertaking.  A traditional practice start-up has a long lead time and outgoings need to be planned for and well considered.  The VMORE Practice model allows for low cost entry and the flexibility to work anywhere. 

Start your practice

Flexible packages which reflect your needs.

Services include:


Establish and configure IT and Practice Infrastructure

Establish and configure Practice Workflow Processes

Establish and configure Practice Financial Processes

Practice promotion – website, branding, logo, stationery

Flexible, personalised solutions to practice with speed and ease so we can work together to deliver care.

We facilitate supporting your practice with:

Dedicated telephone and fax numbers for your geographic region

Your choice of leading practice software

Processes and procedures to mitigate risk

Recommendations for pricing strategies and billing policies

Encrypted correspondence and Eclipse billing

Cyber-security & privacy strategies

Within 24 hours you will have a telephone, fax number and postal address to fast track your marketing collateral to ensure you reach your referral base as soon as possible. This ‘turn-key’ practice set up enables you to have the flexibility to practice virtually anywhere.