Virtual Private Practice building solutions for Specialists


VMORE understands the requirements of a specialist practice and will work closely with you to establish the infrastructure critical to your virtualised practice.



VMORE directs the day to day operations of your private practice with the expertise of industry skilled professional secretaries and managers.


VMORE provides experienced, specialist bookkeepers and practice managers to support you in reaching your financial goals.



"VMORE provided their secretarial and management services for me when I first started my
private practice.

I was quite impressed with their professional and friendly service as well
as their internal communication and handover - no matter who I talked to, they always
knew about my patients. My patients themselves were quite impressed how friendly and
helpful the VMORE staff were on the phone and how fast they would ring them back.

There is definitely nothing virtual about their services."

Dr H Drobetz - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Committed to outstanding performance

VMORE has over 25 years of experience in medical practice management and a track record of having established over 300 specialist private practices, both traditional and virtual.

Our solid industry expertise and qualified staff ensure your
practice is being professionally managed while you concentrate on patient care.

Call a qualified VMORE consultant today to discuss using VMORE's
successful practice building solutions for your private practice.
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Building your practice alone

you always need to be available to manage everything