If you are a Specialist who is looking for support with running your private practice, then we can assist with a range of flexible services.

Our services have been designed to support the specific needs of




 We take pride in ensuring we dot our i’s and cross our t’s.  Why? Because we know that every keystroke is critical to the care you deliver. 

We know you need a team who are reliable, competent and understand everything from providing financial consent through to coordinating your preferred theatre team.

Experienced staff in a variety of practice management software with well honed workflows and referral triage combine to support you to work seamlessly across multiple locations.  A competent, central and consistent point of contact to help you get things done – is what we do! 

Keeping the wheels turning in a specialist practice is hard work.  If you have been burning the candle at both ends and need a break, maybe we can help? 


Respond to the needs of referrers and patients with the support of industry leaders in specialist practice management, call answering and referral triage. 

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If you are starting, scaling or need us to Marie Kondo your practice systems,

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