If you are a Specialist who is starting, struggling or scaling a private practice, then we can guide and support you with a broad range of flexible services.

SURGEONS: We know you need a team who are reliable, competent and understand everything from providing financial consent through to coordinating your preferred theatre team.

Practice software, well honed workflows and experienced staff combine to support you to work seamlessly  across multiple locations.  A competent, central and consistent point of contact to help you get things done – is what we do! 


PHYSICIANS: We take pride in ensuring we dot our i’s and cross our t’s.  Why? Because we know that every keystroke is critical to the care you deliver.  

We have well-honed workflows to ensure your referrals are triaged just how you want and that your instructions are followed.  Whether you are looking to work from bricks and mortar, utilise Telehealth or have the flexibility of both, our team are focussed on ensuring your practice communications are seamless.

PSYCHIATRISTS: Answering your practice phone requires high level communication skills.  A reassuring voice and experience with psychiatry call handling is key to ensuring positive communication and outcomes.

We understand the importance of providing a reassuring voice on the other end of the telephone.  Patients are often very stressed and we will work with your triage protocols and communicate accordingly so you have more time to de-stress after a long day of helping.

PRACTICE MANAGERS:  Are you tired of being let down by staff who just don’t share your commitment to care? Or maybe you are just tired and need a break, but don’t have anyone skilled enough to cover your absence.  Everyone deserves a holiday!

Keeping the wheels turning in a specialist practice is hard work.  If you have been burning the candle at both ends and need a break, maybe we can help?  We can provide remote Practice Management support allowing you to take a well earned break without having to worry about IT troubleshooting, payroll, accounts payable and all the other hats we know you wear. We will have your back, so you can rest  yours! 

If you are Starting, Struggling or Scaling - We can help!

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