Virtual Medical Office (VMORE)

VMORE enables Healthcare Specialists to have independence and control over the future of their practice.

VMORE is a unique private practice model delivered via sophisticated industry leading technology in collaboration with the support of skilled specialist secretaries.

The VMORE team will Activate, Direct, Control and Manage your practice with the precision of a highly skilled Surgeon. Providing innovative solutions designed specifically for specialists, VMORE allows for increased flexibility, lower risk and reduced stress associated with starting, growing and maintaining a private practice.  


Articles and Tools for Healthcare Practice

Click through for a list of events VMO attends, either as sponsors or attendees. Come find us if you would like to spark up a conversation about your practice needs.

We will be an exhibitor at the Foot & Ankle Society Conference in Sydney from the 2-4th August 2013 at the Sheraton on the Park.

VMO takes the pain out of private practice and lets you be a clinician rather that being bogged d...

Plastic Surgeon, Brisbane
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