Medical Bookkeeping for Doctors

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Medical Bookkeeping for Doctors in Private Practice 

VMORE are medical bookkeeping experts for specialist practitioners.  VMORE has over 30 years of expertise in financial management and payroll requirements for private practices, and is a Registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board.  

We ensure that your account reconciliations align to your practice management software to mitigate the potential for fraud in healthcare. 

Our Healthcare Bookkeepers are vigilant about governance, compliance with taxation legislation and consistent adherence to business reporting obligations.

We use leading accounting packages such as Xero and MYOB and implement digital efficiencies to make your life easier.

Do you know if your billings are ACTUALLY making it to your bank account?

Our healthcare system is complex, so it makes sense that this is reflected in the financial management of a practice.   There are many human touchpoints and software interactions that can result in errors such as your fees being deposited to another providers account and non-payment due to software glitches.

Many healthcare providers are too busy to reconcile each patient or banking transaction back to the Practice Management Software.   As industry experts, we know the healthcare payment system and vendor packages to ensure this is an efficient process and gives you peace of mind that you are getting paid for your efforts.

Calculating provider reimbursements or service fees, facilitating payroll and reconciling accurately between your practice management and accounting software requires attention to detail, knowledge of the healthcare sector payers’ methods and time frames along with standard accounting principles.

Often practice owners consider this activity to be basic administration/data entry, however not having a strong understanding of accounting principles can have a significant impact on a healthcare practice’s GST reporting can leave a practice exposed to penalties or tax implications.

Medical Bookkeeping for Doctors with Xero

Our Healthcare Bookkeepers support you to understand how your practice is performing with:

» data entry

» accounts receivable

» accounts payable

» bank/loan/credit card reconciliations

» BAS and IAS submissions

» superannuation guarantee submissions

» payroll services including payment summaries

» liaison with your accountant

» service fee calculations

» practice performance reporting

Medical Bookkeeping for Doctors
Our staff have considerable expertise in healthcare industry bookkeeping and VMORE (Virtual Medical Office Pty Ltd)  is a Registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board abiding by the Code of Professional Conduct.

Privacy and confidentiality are second nature to us, which is particularly important in multi-provider situations.