Key benefits of a Virtual Private Practice

A Virtual Private Practice is much more than just a 'remote secretary'!





Specialist experience - The set-up and management of a private healthcare practice involves a significant amount of administration and business acumen.  VMORE can provide you with significant expertise across every aspect of a medical business including marketing, finance, and management experience and connections - much more than a remote secretary.

Low cost - depending on your individual area of medicine or time already established, a full-service virtual practice set-up can cost less than $5,000.

Focus on patient care - most healthcare professionals we know didn't go into medicine to practise business.  Having a fully integrated virtual practice solution allows you to maintain your focus on providing clinical expertise.

Staff - If we have learnt anything over the years it is life is unpredictable and just when you know you have a huge day of consulting, your Secretary calls in sick.  VMORE will ensure that you will never be left without an experienced voice to answer your phone, book urgent surgery or type an urgent letter.  As we are the employer you have no staffing obligations in terms of WorkCover, industrial relations compliance or performance management.

Affordable and reliable IT - Nothing about computers is a good investment, a bit like cars, unless you are retaining hardware as a museum piece, you need to upgrade, replace hardware and software on a regular basis.  VMORE staff are conversant in the latest technology and will be able to keep abreast of this for you.

Scale or relocate with ease - adding an additional location or changing location?  Scale up or down instantly!  Moving interstate?  Relocate with the peace of mind that you can keep your infrastructure AND your Secretary!

Personal flexibility - Need an extended break?  Thinking of doing a PHD? Want to semi-retire?  Personal flexibility is at the core of the VMORE service and we can adapt according to your individual circumstances.