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History of VMORE

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VMORE pioneered and continues to set the benchmark for the delivery of virtual practice services in the healthcare sector. 

Practitioners beginning in private practice need to quickly earn an income yet at the same time the costs and time involved in establishing a traditional private practice make this difficult.

With the scale and speed of continuous technology driven change, VMORE continues to engage, test and implement these new innovations and industry offerings to deliver leading ‘virtual front and back office’ solutions to progressive healthcare professionals.

Practice Management Veteran

VMORE was founded in 2007 by industry veteran, Deana Scott, who identified a need for improved mobility and access in healthcare. Deana pioneered Australia’s first ‘virtual medical office’, a solution leveraging off emerging cloud-based and cutting-edge technology. Pairing this with a strong management, consultancy and business administration background has enabled hundreds of specialists to start up in private practice with increased autonomy and reduced costs.

Deana Scott
Founder & Executive Leader

Deana’s mentorship has been truly transformative to both my career and our business success. Her passion and level of dedication to medical business management is both rare and inspirational.

Deana literally lives and breathes this field and her energy is infectious. Her expertise in all aspects of business innovation is absolutely priceless given the dynamic environment of medicine. Deana is by far an industry leader. I feel very privileged to have been the recipient of her generosity over the years. 

– Lisa Smith, Dip Pract Mgt, CPMAAPM

Deana has worked for and is regularly sought out to present for organisations such as the AMA (Qld), Ramsay Health, The Private Practice and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and is passionate about providing ongoing education for healthcare providers in the various facets of establishing, growing and managing a private practice. 

Deana’s credentials and expertise is extensive and with over 25 years of multi-disciplinary private practice under her belt, she has a unique and unrivalled understanding of what the fundamental framework is for a successful private practice. You can read more about Deana’s unusual journey from payroll officer to health-tech founder in an Australian Financial Review article from 2015.