Australia's Medical Billing Specialists......

Medical Billing requires a strong knowledge of the Australian healthcare system along with understanding the legal the legislated guidelines defined by Medicare.



The difference fee schedules for each of the private health funds for each Australian state along with their individual participation in the Gap Cover Scheme can be confusing, not only for patients but also for those working within the healthcare industry. 

Our team of industry experts:

  • navigate the healthcare billing minefield 

  • ensure providers are educated in the guidelines applicable to their area of practice

  • facilitate all billing according to the billing policies of each individual provider 

  • utilise software with Eclipse capabilities to optimise turnaround time 

  • report monthly so you know how the cash is flowing

To ensure full compliance with the National Privacy Principles, VMORE does NOT outsource any work overseas.  All patient data is collected, stored and maintained in our secure Australian based data centre.  All work is processed at our head office in Australia.